Mobisma Support Policy

As applies to nextG™ Mobile UC version 2

Document Details:

  • Covering Mobisma nextG Mobile UC Release 2
  • nextG™ Mobile UC Client & MCB Server Licenses
  • Document Dated: May - 2015
  • For Any information, please contact us here


  • This presentation covers the Mobisma after sales support policy for its new nextG Mobile UC Version 2 and covers all software versions between to
  • This presentation tries to answer some common issues about licenses that may arise among resellers, installers and customers.
  • If you have any questions – please feel free to contact a member of our sales or support team.

Downloading nextG™ Client & MCB Server

  • Mobile Client software: Downloading the Mobisma nextG Mobile UC client from the various mobile OS specific App store is Free of charge. End-users, or resellers on behalf of end-users can download the application directly on customer smartphones.
  • Mobile Communications Bridge (MCB) Server: Downloading the MCB Server software is Free of charge. Resellers can register with Mobisma and then access the reseller portal at to download the latest version of the MCB server.
  • At certain times – Mobisma may release updates to the MCB Server version. It is the responsibility of the Mobisma reseller to upgrade the MCB server as per instructions provided by the Mobisma support team.
  • Note: A Mobisma nextG Mobile UC client license AND an MCB server software along with necessary user capacity license(s) for the MCB server is required to make the Mobisma nextG Mobile UC mobility solution work.

Mobisma nextG™ Mobile UC

Typical Deployment Overview

Key Points for Resellers:

  1. Setup & Configure supported IP-PBX correctly, making sure all IP-PBX required licenses are installed.
  2. Download MCB server from Mobisma website and configure it to connect to the supported IP-PBX. Use 3rd party IP-PBX Connector – if required (Note: Remember user capacity licenses for MCB server).
  3. Download Mobisma nextG mobile app from Mobile OS app stores FOC. Note: License is required to activate & configure nextG clients.
  4. Make sure corporate router/firewall is programmed correctly.
  5. Login to Cloud based WPS to create user configurations.
  6. User launches nextG App and starts using it.

nextG™ Mobile UC part numbers

Easy to Order and Simplified Part Numbers:

  Product Mobisma Part number Panasonic Part number Brief description
1. nextG™ Mobile UC client MOB4PMI-NEXTG 3Mb-4PMI-NEXT-1 Mobisma nextG™ mobile UC client (per user client license).
2. MCB Base Server MOB-MCB-BSVR 3Mb-MCB-BSVR MCB Base Server with user capacity license for max. 25 Users (2 users built-in) and Built-in PBX Connector
3. MCB Optional Server License MOB-MCB-UC128 3Mb-MCB-UC128 MCB Server enhanced optional capacity license (25+ to max. 128 users)
  • Download the nextG Mobile app – FOC from the Mobile OS App stores.
  • Resellers can download MCB server application from Mobisma website. License is required to enable user capacity in MCB server (Note: 2 Mobile clients supported FOC).
  • Notes:
    • Panasonic distributors can order the 128 user enhanced capacity license directly from Mobisma
    • If customer wants more than 25 user capacity license (e.g. 100 users) – they must purchase both the MCB Base Server and the Enhanced capacity license.

Mobisma nextG™ Mobile UC client license

  • Mobisma nextG Mobile UC Client (see part numbers) is required to activate and configure nextG client application.
  • Reseller can activate the nextG client license(s) using Mobisma Web Provisioning System (WPS).
  • Each nextG Mobile UC client license is tied to ONLY 1 mobile smartphone device per user per Mobile Communications Bridge (MCB) server. This information is tracked by Mobisma ab (i.e. which client license is used with which MCB server). Once a nextG mobile UC client license is activated, the same nextG mobile UC client license can NOT be used on another MCB server.
  • The nextG Mobile UC client license is the property of the company that purchased the product, and the company has the right to assign/allocate the same license to another user/employee within the same company. Any such re-assignment of the license to another user can be done by the Mobisma reseller using WPS.
  • If a user wants to change their mobile phone handset or mobile phone number for ANY REASON (e.g. Switching from iPhone to Android, Phone Contract expires and a new phone is purchased, Phone breaks down or is stolen, etc.) – they are allowed to do so – FREE of charge. Any change of phone device or phone number can be done by the Mobisma reseller using online WPS.
  • The nextG client comes with 2 years (24 months of support). However – the support is based on the date of the installation of the MCB server at the customer site and NOT that of the nextG client installation date.
  • After 2 years (24 months) of use, the license can continue to be used – however – the user MAY no longer receive FREE upgrades or updates. User will NOT receive any upgrades to the next major version (i.e. from version 2 -> version 3, etc).
  • Any minor software updates (e.g. from version to version, or any bug fixes released by Mobisma – will be provided free of charge – as long as the MCB server remains under active annual support. The user will notice any such updates via client update through the app store.
  • If after 2 years (24 months) of use, the user wants to get the next major version, or newer advanced functionality introduced in subsequent newer product releases – then the customer has to purchase new nextG mobile UC client licenses.

MCB Server License

  • Mobisma MCB Server requires “User Capacity” license(s) – meaning that if a customer wants to connect N number of nextG mobile client users – then the MCB server should have enough User Capacity license to support N number of nextG users.
  • Each MCB server comes with 2 User Capacity licenses built-in Free-of-charge. This means that for setting up a two user Mobisma nextG Mobile UC solution, only 2 nextG mobile UC client licenses are required. There is no need to purchase the MCB server User Capacity license. Resellers can simply download the MCB server from Mobisma reseller portal and install /configure it for any customer.
  • For more than 2 users, Mobisma MCB Bridge -Base Server (see part numbers) is required and comes with 25 user capacity license. This means that up to 25 nextG client users can connect to the MCB base server and get serviced.
  • If an installation requires more than 25 users – then Optional Additional User Capacity for MCB server (see part numbers) needs to be purchased. The optional additional user capacity license for MCB server increases the MCB server user capacity from 25+ users to maximum 128 users.
  • Depending on a company’s mobile UC needs, the MCB server can be deployed working in:
    • IP-PBX Integrated mode: Tightly integrating with enterprise IP telephony systems using built-in or supported IP-PBX Connectors.
    • Mobile Exclusive mode: For customers interested in nextG Mobile UC – without ANY PBX integration (even though the customer may have a PBX inhouse).

Note: Stand-alone mode (supported in ver 1.5) – where nextG mobile client sends commands to the PBX via DTMF ONLY – is no longer supported

Supported IP-PBX Connectors

  • For full telephony functionality, nextG™ mobile UC client and MCB server requires connection to company’s IP-PBX telephony system. This is possible either via Mobisma’s own TAPI based IP-PBX Connector built-in to the MCB server, or via 3rd vendor IP-PBX connectors. The following IP-PBX connectors have been tested & are supported by Mobisma:
  • Supported IP-PBX Connectors:
    1. Mobisma IP-PBX Connector (Built-in – NO separate Part # required to be ordered).
    2. Mondago IP-PBX Connector (Panasonic Part#:3Mo-MobAPI). Supports connection with ALL Panasonic IP-PBX Platforms. Customers simply uses the Mondago Go Connect Server and needs this license to connect the MCB server to the system. Note: No additional CSTA MUX Channel is needed.
    3. Poltys IP-PBX Connector (Part#: PYMCL). Supports connection with ALL Panasonic IP-PBX Platforms. Note: Customers using Poltys CCAccounting (Call Accounting solution) or CCView (Call Centre reporting solution) already have the necessary server and simply needs this license to connect the MCB server to these systems. Note: No additional CSTA MUX Channel is needed.

Note: For less than 25 users, the MCB server software may be run on the same PC running the supported IP-PBX Connector.

Note: Please note that software assurance for 3rd party IP-PBX Connectors is covered by separate policies from the relevant product vendors. Please contact Panasonic, or the product vendors directly for more information.

Support based on MCB Server

  • Mobisma MCB Server comes with 2 years (24 months of support). And the MCB Server is the master source for checking support license for the customer site.
  • It does not matter when or how many nextG clients are connected to it – as long as there are enough User Capacity license for all the nextG client users.
  • When reseller installs MCB Server AND connects atleast 1 nextG Mobile UC client – the count for the 2 years (24 months) support starts for the customer. The support contract expires 2 years from this date.
  • After 2 years of support – if customer does NOT purchase any major version of Mobisma nextG Mobile UC solution – the support contract will expire. However – ALL software will continue to function.
  • To get additional support - customer must purchase Annual Software Assurance. Price of the Annual support contract is calculated online on mobisma website based on a percentage of the total RRP price (not promotional price).
  • Reseller can order Annual Software Assurance – directly online from Mobisma. If reseller can not order online (for any reason), they can contact us for help
  • A copy of the Annual Software Assurance will be provided to the reseller placing the order via email. Reseller can forward this information to the customer – if they so wish.

Example Annual Software Assurance (ASA) Support Cost

  • Total number of nextG Users at Customer site = 15
  • MCB Server Type = MCB Base Server (25 user capacity)
  • Annual Software Assurance (ASA) = [(15 x nextG RRP) + (MCB Server RRP)] x 18%
  • Discount = Discount may be applied (depending on possible promotion)
  • Total Cost of ASA = (ASA) – (Any Discount)

Note: Once ASA is applied – the MCB Server Support Expires Date is incremented by 1 year (e.g. 21/05/2015 -> 21/05/2016)

Support Channel & Process

  • Two (2) years of software assurance is included with the mobisma nextG Mobile UC solution and is tied to the MCB Server. This means that any minor nextG mobile client or MCB server software updates (e.g. from version to version, or any bug fixes for the release – is available free of charge.
  • Mobisma does NOT provide direct end-customer support, however resellers are provided all information so that they can support the end-customers. Mobisma nextG mobile UC client and MCB Server has to be supported by Mobisma resellers and dealers.
  • End customers should contact their local Mobisma resellers who sold them the product for ANY pre-sales and post-sales support issues.
  • Resellers should log into the Mobisma reseller portal at to submit any support requests.
  • In case a reseller has gone out of business – the end customer for that reseller may contact Mobisma (via support form on Mobisma website) – however Mobisma will then try to assign another Mobisma reseller in the country/region to the customer to help with support. Mobisma will NOT be able to provide direct support to ANY end-customer.
  • All detailed product related information and manuals to help resellers easily support their Mobisma mobile solution deployments can be reviewed and downloaded by a Mobisma reseller by logging into their Mobisma reseller account and clicking on Knowledgebase tab.
  • Mobisma resellers can contact Mobisma support team and submit support issues directly from Mobisma website – by logging into the Mobisma reseller account online and then submitting any support issues via an online web form. When submitting a support issue – the reseller will get a copy of the support issue and a support ticket number for future reference to the same support issue.
  • It should be noted that all support issues should be written in English or Swedish language only. When submitting a support issue online – the reseller should provide as much information as possible to help Mobisma support staff quickly identify and resolve any issues including server details, and attach any log files – if requested.

Client and Server License Stock Expiry

  • All Mobisma client and server licenses have a stock inventory duration of 12 MONTHS. This means that once purchased from Mobisma, the licenses MUST BE sold to end-customers AND activated by the reseller on the Mobisma website within 12 months from the date of purchase from Mobisma. Note: Since resellers will purchase license(s) from their Distributor or from Panasonic sales company, it is the responsibility of the Panasonic sales company and Distributor to NOT keep licenses in stock/inventory for longer period.
  • All licenses that remain in stock/inventory for more than 12 months and are NOT sold to end-customers and NOT activated within this time period – become EXPIRED. Hence, it is strongly recommended to not keep licenses in stock / inventory for long periods.

Support Brief

  Support Services Description
1. General Support Web:, Contact form:
2. End User Support Please check Mobisma's online FAQ (English only for support). If you are an end-user please always first contact your Mobisma reseller for support. If you have nextG mobile UC client running on your mobile phone, you can find out your reseller info under “Support” section. Basic generic support request can be submitted via under FAQ section.
3. Reseller Support Please login to Mobisma Reseller web portal at and access support. You can submit support requests once logged in.
4. Distributor Support Please contact Mobisma directly.
5. License Registration Please login to Mobisma Reseller web portal at from where you can register Mobisma mobile client & MCB server licenses.

Mobisma AB

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  • Mobisma is changing the landscape of mobile UCC by providing enhanced multi-platform mobile collaboration solutions on all major smartphones, enabling communication & collaboration on any mobile device - anytime and anywhere. Further, Mobisma is committed to providing cost effective mobile UC solutions to the SMB/ SME market segments.
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  • Mobisma AB was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Norrtälje, Sweden.

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